What's a wedding without Man's Best Friend

The result planned by Joy Proctor, with florals by Camellia Floral Design, can be likened to an insanely chic secret garden wedding.  We have so much to share with you! But our favorite part? It’s a tie between the holy cute flower girl and the Dog of honor. Let’s explore more together. Owl Engagements has you covered when planning an elegant white wedding.

With everything having so much thought put behind it we found that we must start with the wedding dress. This bride displays how by keeping it simple the true beauty of the women behind the dress can shine. The wonderful aesthetics presented by the lavender fields truly brighten up the experience. Let’s continue below.

This Beautiful arch display is one that every bride dreams of. Yes you may only use it once but the joy it brings is unparalleled. The cage is one that can be rented at most home stores. If you live in Florida the person to contact would be Khisha from Seasons Weddings & Events. This level of beauty in a wedding is worth noteing.

These moments with friends and family are unreplacable. We have listed a gallery of our remaining photos of this gorgeous.

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